A daughter promised, and a mother’s testimony of our faithful Lord

Let me just tell you about this mama! Her story is so powerful and full of so much hope I can’t wait to share it with you.

Her baby had been in the NICU in the D.R. For a couple of week because of a horrible IV infiltrate almost down to the bone (it was awful!). She sat in a room excluded from the other babies and her mom was there every day all day nursing her. She was older in her mid 40s and was frustrated because she thought because of her age, she didn’t think she was producing enough milk for her baby. After talking with her for a while I asked her if she knew Jesus. And she began to tell me her beautiful testimony.

Her grandfather was a pastor and her family all knew Jesus but up until 2 years ago she wanted nothing to do with God. She said her family had been praying for her for years and Jesus had been relentlessly chasing after her. 7 years ago while she was still running from the Lord, a women prophesied over her that when she was older she was going to have a baby girl, and that child was going to boldly proclaim Jesus. She was told that after the baby was born she would use her to share her testimony and be an evangelist for the Lord. Mind you at this time, this women still wasn’t a believer. And she already had 5 kids of her own at home. I can just imagine what she was thinking when she was told this. She felt so distant from God. But God was never distant from her.

Fast forward 5 years (2years ago) now in her 40’s this momma found herself in a wheelchair unable to walk. Her oldest son was having to take her to the Dr. every day for injections into her hip. She had given up hope. Her son one day told his mom he wasn’t going to take her to the Dr. anymore. Instead he left the house and went to church.

Completely hopeless and at a loss of what to do, Later that day this sweet mom found herself sitting inside a church. There, at the end of herself she prayed for God to reveal himself to her. She cried out asking him, that if He was really there, if He never really left her, than to heal her. To let her walk again. Y’all, hear me, I’m not saying to give God an ultimatum. That’s not who He is or how He works. But He is a God that meets us EXACTLY where we are at. And that’s the picture of what He did for this women that day. After she cried out, she did something she hadn’t been able to do in over a year… she got up and WALKED PAIN FREE!! Jesus completely healed her, and she fell to her knees and surrendered her life over to him. (My heart gets overwhelmed just thinking of how all

Of heaven rejoiced as the prodigal child came home! 😭 what a beautiful picture that is!)

Fast forward to now, 2 years after that took place, and she gave birth to the daughter that had been prophesied to her!

Meet Abigail Ester 😍

This mom said she couldn’t wait to get her out of the hospital to be able to dedicate her to God and share with everyone her testimony.

It was such a honor to meet this family and get to pray over them. I wouldn’t trade these precious moments for anything.

Now if you read this all the way though, I want you to hear this. If you are feeling distant from God, If you have turned away from him, if you are going through a hard season, I want you to know that you are not alone. That you were never created to do it alone. That we serve a God that will relentlessly chase after you, who will never leave you or forsake you, who gave up his only child for YOU. He will never give up on you! Because that is how worthy and important you are to him. It’s never to late to surrender to Him. It’s never to late for Him to use you. There’s no age limit on who He uses. He has abundantly more for YOU. Turn to Him. He’s not distant, He’s right there next you.


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