This weekend at freedom conference as I was praying over someone, the Holy Spirit spoke through me, saying something that not only resonated within the spirit of the person I was praying, with but was also something I needed to hear, and resonated deeply within mine. It’s been on my heart to share in case someone else needs to hear it just as badly as the Lord knew I did.

As I was praying I heard the Lord saying “Daughter, control isn’t something that you have to give up. It’s something that you Get to give up.”

Whoah. Honestly this had never crossed my mind before. Our flesh so often, fights to be in control of our own lives, situations, and circumstances. We grasp at opportunities that make us feel I control. For many of us wanting control is a daily battle. And yet control is not actually a good thing. It’s a burden. And it’s one that we were never meant to carry.

Friends, I don’t know about you, but so many times I have thought “I have to give this control up to God” or a sweet friend has told me “you have to give up that control”. But hear me, control is not something that we HAVE to give up. It is something that we GET to give up. And I believe that the Lord is wanting to change our perspective on what it means to give up control.

Control wears us down. Makes us feel like a weight is on our shoulders, that doesn’t actually have to be there. We serve a God who longs to take that weight from us. Who’s plans are far greater than anything we can even imagine! Being able to give him control is something He has blessed us with! He is all know, all seeing. He alone knows how to work everything out for the good of his children. His plans are greater than ours.

My prayer is that if you find yourself In a situation where you are fighting for control or you feel the burden that trying to take control has placed on you, that you are encouraged today by the reminder that you don’t have to carry that weight. You were never meant to have control, and that’swhy it can feel so heavy. But be Encouraged because you GET to surrender that control, and you no longer have to feel that weight! Thank you Jesus 🙌

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