Have you ever read a story in the Bible that you felt like you just connected with? This past week I have been reading in the book of Job. I think this book is one that all of us at one point or another find ourselves deeply relating too.

While reading Job 1:14-19 I find myself holding my breath as Job is in the mist of receiving devastating news. As these verses unfold, a servant of Job’s brings him news of death and destruction. As one is still in the middle of telling the news of destruction and loss another appears to give Job even more devastating news. -take a minute to let that sink in. Before Job even had time to process the devastation brought to him by the first servant, another was already lined up to give him more heart wrenching news. I can’t fully grasp what that must have felt like. And yet, as I read these words I could feel a piece of the heaviness that Job must have felt in that moment.

I can still remember the first time the Lord led me to the book of Job. It was about 4 years ago, I was in college sitting at my local starbucks when I heard the whisper of the Lord telling me to open my bible to Job and read it all the way through. It came to me at a time in my life when I was feeling a lot like Job. I found myself wrestling with the Lord about a lot of things and this book brought me hope and comfort, in only the way that Jesus can.  

One thing that stood out to me then, and again as I read it now, was Job’s response after he heard the news. Scripture says:

Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head and he fell to the ground and worshiped.

-Job 1:20

Wow. and YES. and wow… all at the same time. Job’s FIRST response to the most terrifying moment in his life was to worship. Worship through the unbearable pain, worship regardless of his circumstances, just fall to his knees and worship. Why? Because regardless of what just happened he knew God was still God and that meant God was GOOD.

These few verses amplify the heart that I desire to have before Jesus. I don’t know what you feel when you read this verse but I felt convicted. But in the best way. In the way the says “Lord I want to have a heart like THAT. I want THAT to be my very first response no matter what comes my way. Lord, I worship you. Not because of my circumstances, but because of who you are.”

The truth is I have never faced as much loss as Job had endured. But, I have found myself in a place of deep hurt, questioning where God’s hand of protection was, where his voice was, where HE was. And friends, I want to encourage you. If that’s where you are at right now, or if that is where you have been, you have never been alone. God can handle the questions you have for him. Wrestle it out with Him and trust that He is bigger than what’s in front of you.

For me, in those moments of hurt and questioning, worship was not my first response… or my second… or my third. You get the idea. I had this false Idea that worship and praise was something I did just when things went “good”. When things went well for me, I would turn to the lord and thank him. Worshiping through pain or disappointments had never even crossed my mind. However, that mindset was not truth.

I remember that day 4 years ago, reading this scripture for the first time and having the revelation that worship is not based on my circumstances, but a posture we were to carry at all times, in all seasons. Since then, though I have been far from perfect, I can not tell you the impact having that revelation has had not only on my relationship with Christ, but also in my personal perspective and the transformation it has done in my heart.

Let me leave you with this. No matter what is going on in your life right now, or how 2018 ended, God is not far from you. He is right there with you. Choose to worship Him. Choose to fix your eyes  Him. Choose, HIM. Because friend, He has already chosen you.

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