About Me


Tory Osborne

A little bit about me: first off I find these “about me’s” very awkward to write. They remind of sitting in school when the teacher would ask you to go around the room and share an interesting fact about yourself. Awkward, and intimidating…am I right?! But here it goes! I’m 25 and currently living in Pensacola, Florida.

My life up to this point has been a beautiful picture of Gods redemptive power. I’ll do a blog post on my testimony later, but for now know this, there is no part of you life that God can’t redeem. My walk with the Lord has been filled with so much love and grace.

Writing or blogging has never been something that has ever crossed my mind until this last year. Anyone who knows me has heard me say “I’m not a writer” and “grammar is not my thing” at least a dozen times. And the truth is, writing is not something I feel qualified to do! It doesn’t always come naturally to me and I promise you, you will be seeing a few spelling errors here and there. But I’ve felt the nudge from the Holy Spirit to do this for a while now. And if there’s anything I’ve learned this past year it’s that when you say “yes” to God he takes care of the rest! All he asks for is a willing heart! So here I am, giving this a go, and I have to say I’m excited to see what God does with it. Even if it’s just a space to write my thoughts down for myself!

My heart for this space is that it will be a place of love, encouragement and community. A place to share what the Lord is teaching me, and a space we can all grow In our walks together. I believe God is a God who speaks and has a lot to say, if we just take the time to sit, listen and press in.

Remember this is all new to me so please connect with me, let me know what you think or if a specific post resonates with you! And if I don’t already know you, I’d love for you to tell me about yourself under the connect with me section!

Praying for each of you,

Tory ❤️