I’ve never shared this photo, Actually, until recently I didn’t even know it existed. October 2018 I wrote about this moment on facebook. I shared about this Haitian mom who was getting ready to leave her baby boy in the hospital and not come back for him. How she didn’t want to name him or hold him out of fear of bonding with him. She was getting ready to leave him when I saw her walking out crying and stopped her. I had asked her to sit down and pulled my translator over to help me talk with her. I remember seeing how heavy the burden she carried was and how broken her heart was. I remember sitting there with her sharing the gospel and seeing a light begin to shine within her. I remember her crying out to Jesus as she asked Him into her heart. And I remember physically watching as Jesus lifted burdens off and restored a sense of hope to her.  

I remember while sharing with her, behind me I could hear the nurses teaching each other how to resuscitate babies (what I had just been teaching them, but stepped away from in order to talk with this mom) and in that moment I had an encounter with the Lord where He showed me a picture of the entire room. I could see (not in the natural but in my spirit) what was going on behind us, the nurses learning life saving measures, and while showing me this the Lord told me that what they were learning was a plus, but not my purpose. God spoke to my heart, saying “even IF the hospital never implements anything you teach them, even IF they never use a single blanket you have given them, even IF…. It’s ok, that was never your purpose here. Then He showed me a picture of myself sharing the gospel with this mom, and He said, now this, THIS is your purpose.”

You see, up until that point everything I wanted to do in missions involved medical mission. But Looking back, I remember that in this moment I knew that God was calling me out of nursing. In that moment there was not a doubt in my mind that God was going to ask me to give up my nursing career for Him. That may be crazy to say, and it even felt crazy at the time since I was in grad school pursuing my nurse practitioner, but in my spirit It was as if it was already done. There was a huge shift that happened in my heart that day. I knew that encounter the God was a powerful moment for me, but I didn’t realize just how powerful it was going to be.

The thing about this picture is, this was the exact moment that I had an encounter with the Lord that forever changed the path that I was on. And to find that I had a picture of this moment brought me to tears. I had no idea what all God was going to change in that moment, but Here I sit a year later walking in and embracing the change that this encounter set into motion. With only 4 shifts left before my last day as a NICU nurse, I realize that I am getting to see what God spoke to me that day, come to pass. There are so many emotions as I look at this photo, I am so thankful this moment was captured. 

Here’s your reminder today that God is faithful to fulfill what He’s spoken. It may take you stepping out of your comfort zone, having the faith to step out of the boat, and it may require your obedience even when it seems crazy to those around you, but HE IS FAITHFUL. All that He asks for is an obedient heart. He is going to do the rest, not you. The pressure is off of you to “make” anything happen. Trust Him. Be obedient to Him. And watch as HE moves!

And If you want to read the rest of this mommas story out can find it here!I Her story from that day has such a sweet ending, and the smile on her face has a joy only Jesus could give her. if you want to read it you can find it here (personally I think its worth the read 😉)

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